Shower Room LED lights conversion

I have always been a bit disappointed with the dullish lights in the toilet compartment – I replaced the bulbs thinking they may be loosing brightness but no difference. So bought some 20w equiv LED bulbs (about 2w power each) connected 4 together using a terminal block, disconnected the flourescent starter unit (left it in position) in the lamp removed the bulb and connected up my LED assembly. Works a treat …… nice bright white light, see pics ……… done the second one now.
Cost of 10 LED bulbs from ebay was approx £7 and the terminal blocks about 20p each.


Onsite Security Idea

I have just read this evening in the latest Camping and Caravanning Club mag – where another make of motorhome has a built in alarm that when the 240v is unplugged or a power cut it sounds to warn of the fridge (and beer) is warming up. The writer uses this also as a security alarm by threading the hook up cable through bikes chairs etc at night. Anyone attempting to take anything would have to unplug the cable setting off his alarm!
Clever idea!
I have just bought a “power cut” alarm on ebay for £3.
Hope any non CCC member may find this useful as well.

44 Cheap And Easy Ways To Organize Your RV/Camper

44 Cheap And Easy Ways To Organize Your RV/Camper

An RV is the ultimate tiny-living space. Meticulous organization will make a carefree life on the road that much more comfortable.

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Tank and pipe heating project using 12v trace heating cable.

Just completed a project to fit a length of trace heating cable under the van to the fresh water pipework and around the fresh water tank that may be of interest to the more competent diy ers.
After looking at many different ways to achieve some form of heating system I finally decided on a 12v trace heating cable. I had never come across this stuff before but it seemed ideal ….. more info about how it works at
I contacted the company to ask a question to find they could supply 3m of this cable attached to a power cord via a thermostat which activates it below 3C.
I have installed it to run from a 240v power supply (we always use EHU in winter) to a 12v transformer located under the wardrobe through the floor beside the water inlet pipe to the thermostat under the van. Then along the water pipe to the tank and around the base of the tank.
Total cost of parts etc less than £50.
I put aluminium tape over the plastic pipes then taped the trace heating cable over that with more aluminium tape (this according to the supplier “converts” the plastic pipe into a metal pipe for the purpose of conducting heat) and then put pipe insulation over that. Did something similar around the base of the tank – not sure how effective that would be though. From experience the first thing to freeze up – quite quickly – is the water feed pipework on a cold evening – the tank takes quite a bit longer.
The cable I used gives out 12W/m at 0C and as the temperature drops the heat output increases quite a bit.

Tested at Chatsworth CCSite in December to -5C and compared to other vans that were obviously struggling with their water supply all seemed OK with our heater doing its job.


Teleco TV Amplifier Gain Adjuster Mod

Occasionally when setting up the tv in poor reception areas I found that twiddling an adjuster screw on the signal amplifier removed the pixelating and improved the picture a lot. I only found this adjuster screw by accident when the amplifier cover fell off. It is difficult to spot and tricky to adjust in it’s deep recess in the cover. So I have now removed the cover made a bigger hole that the adjuster screw protrudes then pushed a short length of plastic tube over the screw. Now I can easily see and make adjustments to the tv picture.