TIP – Whiten Up those Yellowing plastic fittings

A quick and simple way to white up those yellowing plastic covers (water filler, ehu flap and water heater cover, etc) on your ageing caravan or motorhome. The cutting compound and polishing head for a drill all available on eBay. Easier if you can remove the cover and clean then on a bench – if not then mask any areas not to be “intensely” polished on any paint work. 2 or 3 minutes of polishing brings the covers up to nearly new whiteness.


INFO – Ten Things to Pack for a Walking Holiday – iFootpath


Ten Things to Pack for a Walking Holiday

We know you love walking and everyone loves a holiday. But have you ever considered putting the two things together and taking a dedicated rambling break? Our friends at Headwater offer a huge choice of walking holidays, either guided or self-guided. Travel across France, Italy and Spain, discover central Europe, explore the Med, and visit Latin Am…


INFO – How to prevent motorhome theft – Practical Advice – Motorhomes & Campervans – Out and About Live


Motorhome insurance: How to prevent motorhome theft

Thatcham categories 1 to 5 and Sold Secure are just some of the tools to keep your motorhome or campervan and their contents safe. Leading motorhome insurance provider, Comfort Insurance, explains mor


MOD – Cigarette lighter socket / USB Upgrade


Nick’s Tips #15 – USB Upgrade – Motorhome Traveller

Nicks Tip #15 USB Sockets With the onset of all of us having many and various gadgets that require USB charging I recently swapped one of the 12v outlets on the van dash (Fiat Ducato) to a twin USB outlet.…