MODS – Bottle Clips

Our motorhome came with just the one bottle clip – unfortunately just one bottle of wine doesn’t last very long! … More

GADGETS – Gas Alarm

Bought several years ago when there seemed a lot of press about motorhomers in Europe being gassed whist they sleep … More

TIPS – Cab Draughts

In cold weather and you can feel draughts coming from the front – good chance it is coming through the … More

Cheaper toilet chemicals

Lidl /Aldi sell these biological washing chemicals or their equivalent. They do just the same job as the expense blue … More

Headrest TV Mount

It’s really down to personal preference where you have the tv. We use the original mounting location when in transit … More

LED Lighting

A very popular and easy conversion for most light bulbs – and cheap if bought via ebay. If you intend … More

Peugeot Scuttle Drains

I find that the little drain holes each side of the front windscreen scuttle easily get blocked increasing the risk … More

Sat Nav Holder

Make use of the clip in the center of the Peugeot Boxer dash to secure the sat nav holder rather … More

Loo Gloves

You don’t really want to be handling and emptying the toilet tank with bare hands – like most do. Not … More

Lockers Locked Indicator

Like most motorhomes and caravans there are quite a few external lockers some with multiple locks that should be checked … More

Headrest TV mounting

The van came with the tv mounted as made on the side of the microwave unit. Which meant the cook … More

Armrest Protectors

A simple solution to hide those unsightly worn armrests on the front seats. A pair of long socks that you … More

Locker Light

I found a most useful addition to the dry locker now the nights are drawing in is a motion sensing … More

Spot/Driving Lights

Fitted spots which came from eBay (about £30). Was originally put off by the black mounting plates but think they … More