About “My Motorhome Mods”

We have been motorhoming since 2009 after 25 years of caravanning and camping. Many of the ideas and mods I have posted can be applied to both caravans, camper vans as well as motorhomes. Our Auto-Sleeper Lancashire is our second compact motorhome – the size we prefer for access and parking in towns and countryside. We use the van throughout the year and get away as often as possible – usually with a trip abroad once a year.

mymotorhomemods.online is a summary of:-

  • DIY modificationsI have made to our motorhome that keeps me busy during periods we are not away enjoying trips out in it
  • Ideas, tips and mods that have been suggested by others
  • Ideas, tips and mods that I have found mainly on the Internet
  • Reviews of products I have bought or reviews from online.
  • Summaries of places to visit with easy parking for motorhomes

If you use any of the ideas or suggestions please add a comment to let us know how you got on with it – or improved it.

my facebook our travels with reviews and articles about camping and caravanning.

my twitter pages to follow others with similar interests to us.

mymotorhome.shop my eBay shop that may be of interest to caravanners and motorhomers

campsites.online is our caravan and campsite directory that we set up in 1999 which lists over 3000 caravan and campsites across the UK – also known as uk-sites.com

mgb.tips is all about my MGB and classic cars in general. Any spare time I get I am tinkering with the old motor.



IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: please note that if you implement any of my suggestions I cannot in any way be held responsible for any consequences if things go wrong. If you are not sure of anything especially electrical get it checked by a competent person.


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