TIPS – Outside Table Stabiliser

I have a door stop stored close to the table we use for outside eating. The ground is never level for four legs to firmly sit on the ground so the tapered door stop is ideal to jam under the one “wobbly” leg. An ideal bit of kit and cheap at most £ shops.


TIPS – Torch Clip

I knew i had a small torch but i could never remember where I’d left it – which draw or compartment. A spring clip for a few pence from the local diy shop solved the problem – with a single screw to fix it in a convenient location. By making a permanent home in the same place i always know where to find it ……. so long as i put it back after I’ve used it!! Well it looks organised.

REVIEW – Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

After having a flat tyre on a motorway in France I feel a lot more safe knowing i now know exactly what pressures my tyres are whilst traveling. It gives a warning when tyre pressures stop or exceed user set levels. It also displays temperature of each tyre. This system costs around £100 but in my opinion well worth it. The senders replace the tyre valve caps and the receiver is solar powered and sits on top of the dash.