INFO – How To Deal With Post – Most Common Questions

POST – How To Deal With It – Most Common Questions

The most common questions I get asked are – What do you do about your post and what do you do about an address? There are a number of di…


TIPS – Don’t pitch up then leave your ‘van unattended… –

Caravanners warned: Don’t pitch up then leave your ‘van unattended overnight

With the Summer holidays in full swing, a caravan insurance specialist is warning caravanners to be aware of the “not in use” clause that is on the majority…

TIPS – Domestic CA2000 Air Con – fault F04

This is a common fault with these units but a simple and inexpensive fix. The part a CEME ET200BR Solenoid Pump is available on the internet (i found it on eBay for £25 delivered). I got easy access to the air con unit via the heki sky light, removed the main cover ( you need a set of Alan Keys) and the small condensate pump is easily replaced.

Test it works ok by switching on power to air con then press the two < > buttons together and at same time switch the unit on by pressing the on/off button and you will hear the pump run for about 10 seconds.