MODS – Daytime Running Lights

To fit Peugeot Boxer 2006-2014 available from


TIPS – Dummies’ Guide to Campervan Essential Equipment | caddy campers

Dummies’ Guide to Campervan Essential Equipment

Most seasoned campers will have their essential equipment with them and they are usually well prepared, but what about the rest of us? So here are a few essentials to get the less frequent campers …

GADGETS – Night time Hanging Lights

Bought from B&M store (£6 for 2) this hanging led light that runs off it’s own batteries makes an ideal “bedside lamp”.

The light itself acts as a pull switch and the cord is adjustable to hang off a hook or as I have done hooked onto the existing spot light fitting so easily removable for daytime.

A lot easier to find in the dark rather than stretching and fumbling around for the little spot light switch.

TIPS – Anti theft drivers seat swivel lock

Try driving a car or motorhome with the seat pointing the wrong way – hopefully not and hopefully any potential thief would think the same.

The Peugeot Boxer has a lug ideally suited for a padlock that will jam against the seat frame preventing it pointing in the forward direction for driving.

Worth a try for the price of a padlock.