REVIEW – Cheap Clothes Dryer

Found this radiator airer for sale in our local pound stretcher shop at £1.99 which makes a great window clothes dryer. Modified it with a piece of plastic pipe so it would hang on the back of the bike rack.

The whole thing folds flat for easy storage.

Not bad for the price.


TIPS – Wine Storage back from France

The last 2 trips back from France we used these supermarket cardboard fold up wine bottle carriers to protect our precious cargo and to stop them rattling about in transit. They fold up for easy storage on the out bound journey when not in use.

REVIEW – Compact satellite receiver

A great little receiver the size of a cigarette packet that simply plugs into the tv scart socket in the back of your tv. Comes with a remote and ideal to save space when space is a premium. Got it via eBay and had it now for a couple of years and been very pleased with it’s performance.

MODS – Additional USB Socket

These days with so many phones and gadgets that require a USB power source I decided to add a dual USB socket. Found a convenient location that was close to a 12v supply and bought the socket via eBay. Make sure as with any additional electrical accessory you add an inline fuse. A straight forward diy job and to ensure all goes well then plan it well in advance before starting to make it looks like an original fitting.