INFO – door seals, rubber seals, rubber extrusions, window rubbers by seals direct

door seals, rubber seals, rubber extrusions, window rubbers by seals direct

Seals Direct supply door seals and window rubbers for boats, caravans and industrial applications together with a wide range of rubber extrusions, hatch seals, edge trims, hoses and rubber & PVC fenders.


MODS – Handbrake catching on seat swivel

If you have a Peugeot boxer based motorhome you probably find that when you swivel the front seat it catches on the handbrake. Can be a bit awkward to release the brake if you are on a slope or on ramps so I found a way (from the internet) how packing out the top fixing on the handbrake mounting fixes the problem. This angles the handbrake sufficiently to clear the corners of the seat when turning it around. The operation is unlikely to be effected as the cable is mounted on the same bracket.

GADGETS – Anti Theft Alarm

A simple and effective anti theft alarm that you can get from a pound shop is a personal attack alarm where if you pull the pin out the alarm goes off. Connect the pin say to your chairs if left outside over night (if camping in a dubious area) and anchor the body to the ground and if the chair gets moved and pulls the pin the Alarm is activated. Hopefully scaring off any tea leaf and saving your chair.

Well that’s the theory!! … and it’s only a quid.

INFO – Headlight Deflector / Driving Abroad

Took these pics of headlight protector/ beam deflectors before a trip to France and before one of them flew off whilst over taking a lorry!! Think next time i will use these pics to position a piece of insulation tape in the appropriate spot. Cheaper than buying a ready made reflector and sticking that on instead of a piece of insulation tape.