INFO – Wild Camping Map of UK

Found this website showing motorhome parking across the whole of the UK at

Picture shows just an example of an area.


MODS – Draughts from fridge compartment

Depending on the layout of your motorhome (or caravan) the area behind the fridge is open to the outside by 2 large vents. This area should! be insulated from the rest of the van to prevent draughts and also to prevent exhaust fumes when the fridge is operating on gas getting inside the van.

On my van there was a 5 to 10mm gap around the wheel arch from the back of fridge area into the habitation area which I blocked using slices of pipe insulation.

Maybe not a problem for summer months but those draughts are very annoying during winter trips away.

MODS – Loose Fittings – a solution

Some things that carry a bit of load can come loose so it’s simply a matter of tightening up the screws ….. But often if the screw is fitted to hollow walls or doors the screw hole has widened and lost it’s grip.

The best solution is to get some RUBBER WELL NUTS (plenty on eBay) – plus some screws to fit – and drill the screw hole to fit the new nuts.

As the screw is tightened the rubber expands behind the panel providing a good solid right fit.

TIPS – Alternative Water Tank Filling

If you have a Whale or Truma type filler on your van and for any reason it goes faulty then without a filler cap into the tank can make it tricky to fill the fresh water tank.

If like mine you have a drain tap then there is a solution with the use of a hose tap adapter you can fill the tank through this.

When the tank is full it comes out the overflow so you know when to cut the supply – check you have an overflow that discharges under the van.

In fact this is quite a convenient way to fill the tank when filling at home prior for your travels.

MODS – Light switch mod.

It was always a struggle to find the switch for the shower room light in the pitch dark in the middle of the night. So when the original switch failed I took the opportunity to change it for a pull cord switch – cost just a couple £ from eBay. Now a lot easier to find in the dark.