GADGET – Dashboard Level Mount

Prototype level holder that mounts our fixes onto the dashboard. Made from plastic foam pipe insulation to get the shape right. Next stage to get some black/grey plastic pipe and cut to shape.

WP_20160530_004 1

Think I’ve got too much spare time on my hands!!!!!


INFO – Rain Alarm

A useful app for your smart phone as it gives an alarm when it is actually raining within 10 miles of your location. It does this by having a direct link to the met office weather radar and the app shows a map of the movement of rain clouds over the last hour so you can assess if the rain is actually heading in your direction. The app is called RAINALARM and is available in your app store.

TIPS – Cleaning silicon sealant joints

Even a lot newer vans can suffer black mould growing on silicone sealant joints on the bodywork. I thought I was going to have to scrape out the old sealant and then re seal it – quite a long laborious job. Someone on one of the forums I read suggested the HG Mould Spray which I thought I would try. I sprayed it into a separate container and then used a toothbrush to apply it and scrub it into the joints. Very pleased I did and with amazing results – highly recommended.
Important – make sure you put the toothbrush back in the same place in its holder or else she will find out!