TIPS – Cab Draughts

The cabs in motorhomes are mainly designed to finish up as the cab of a pick up truck or the cab of a box van so a lot of additional ventilation is added to provide sufficient air circulation in this small space. The cab of a motorhome is not enclosed and is incorporated in the main habitation space which also has a lot of ventilation – some is which is adjustable, some permanently open for safety reasons.
This means that on colder evenings all this ventilation is the cause of some cold draughts. One main source is the ventilation through the driver and passenger doors grills which I have now sealed up with tape. I did this on my previous motorhome as well.
Also from reading online forms many other motorhomers do the same for the same reasons.
BUT there are other sources of draughts as well as per my other posts on the subject.

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