GADGETS – Removable Solar Panel

Solar panels are a popular addition for topping up the vans battery. In my opinion unless you plan staying on sites where there is no electric hook up for more than a few days then there is not much requirement for solar panels. We tend to be on the move most the time and rarely stay on any one site for 2 or 3 nights so the batteries get re charged whilst in transit.
But when the van is not being used then solar panels are good for keeping the batteries topped up – especially if you have to use storage away from home and any power supply.
I have a freestanding 20W solar panel that I place in a south facing window when parked up at home. This is plugged into the Sargent EC325 control panel which has an optional extra wiring obtainable from Sargent for directly connecting to the solar panel.
This keeps the battery charged for the immobiliser and alarm. I unplug the panel and leave it at home when travelling.

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