Peugeot Boxer Scuttle Leaks 1

I noticed a while ago how flimsy the centre scuttle joint seemed and noted that the overlap of the 2 halves is only a few mm. There was no resistance to water seeping through the joint into the engine. Even though the engine is fitted with the covers etc I would prefer to minimise the water ingress.
I drilled a small hole next to the joint and with the use of a tap washer cut just off centre to make a level base for a number plate fixing screw and cover which brought the scuttle joint together after putting some clear silicon along the joint – making a water resistant joint – see pic.
Not saying that this has prevented all water ingress into the engine compartment but has certainly reduced it along this joint.
This is the first of several mods on this subject relating to earlier 2006>2013 models

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