REVIEW – Step Mat

A useful accessory available from most caravan retail shops (and ebay) provides a good anti slip surface when its wet … More

TIPS – Cab Draughts

Under the Peugeot Boxer on the passenger side about level with the fuel cap there is a large vent that causes … More

REVIEW- Cab Mats

A set of cab mats keeps the mud and muck out the cab. They also provide an anti slip surface … More

GADGETS – Dash Mats

Dash mats improves the looks and practicality of the front dashboard providing a neat anti slip surface on the shelves. … More

MODS – Bottle Clips

Our motorhome came with just the one bottle clip – unfortunately just one bottle of wine doesn’t last very long! … More

GADGETS – Gas Alarm

Bought several years ago when there seemed a lot of press about motorhomers in Europe being gassed whist they sleep … More