Toilet flush tank drain valve.

I think we all know how tricky it is empty the flush tank during this time of year to prevent freezing between trips. This valve is not only easy to open but extends the outlet just enough to stop the last dregs trickling down inside the compartment.

Basically this is a catheter valve available via ebay at but almost made to measure for the job for £3.30.

Got this idea from the ASOF that deserve the credit for a great idea for vans fitted with the Thetford C200 toilets.

You have to put the neoprene pipe that comes with it on the nozzle end and cut about 1cm off the tapered end. I also had to put some plumbers ptfe tape on the nozzle to get a good tight fit.


Calor & BP Gas bottles Comparison

After weighing up the weights and measures I use the 3.9 calor gas bottles. Saves about 12kg weight and because smaller gives me good storage space for a bucket etc. Just means for me having to swop bottles roughly every 8 months rather than approx every 12 months.

Parking Pal UK App

wp_ss_20160330_0001A useful car park finding app – we can usually squeeze into a car pitch on a corner or a pitch that we can overhang the back of the van over a grass verge. If you have a larger van to spread over 2 pitches – beware you may have to buy 2 tickets. Or if you have even a larger pitch check for bus pitches.
Always read the car park rules and regs – although most supermarket car parks are quite lax so long as you various no obstructions and there are plenty of places left for shoppers.

Headrest TV mounting

The van came with the tv mounted as made on the side of the microwave unit. Which meant the cook couldn’t watch tv whilst cooking and whoever was sitting on the near side bench got neck ache watching tv.
I made a mounting so the tv could easily be moved onto the headrest of the passenger seat so the cook can watch tv and in the evenings we can watch tv whilst lying with our feet up along each of the bench seats.
It clips back to its original position during transit.

Paint your Reversing sensors

I am very pleased with my reversing sensors fitted to the rear skirt apart from the visual appearance of a row of black dots.
I have found the colour code from Autosleeper and got a small touch up pot of paint. I cleaned the sensors with meths and with a small brush applied a coat of paint ensuring it did not block the sensor holes. Just one coat was enough.
The sensors worked just as well after being painted as before – and looks a lot better – hardly noticeable from a distance.
Very pleased – see the picture.
Hope this info maybe useful to anyone else who thinks the row of black dots spoils the vans appearance – or is it just me!.