Parking Pal UK App

A useful car park finding app – we can usually squeeze into a car pitch on a corner or a … More

Headrest TV mounting

The van came with the tv mounted as made on the side of the microwave unit. Which meant the cook … More

Van Levelling App

There are many clinometer apps available to help level your van. The one I use has a calibration button to … More

Armrest Protectors

A simple solution to hide those unsightly worn armrests on the front seats. A pair of long socks that you … More

Locker Light

I found a most useful addition to the dry locker now the nights are drawing in is a motion sensing … More

Spot/Driving Lights

Fitted spots which came from eBay (about £30). Was originally put off by the black mounting plates but think they … More

Onsite Security Idea

I have just read this evening in the latest Camping and Caravanning Club mag – where another make of motorhome … More